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Double the Gifts, Double the Fun!

Recently I went to a Birthday pool party for two teenage girls and had a great time. Part of being a perfect hostess is knowing how to be a perfect guest. It sets a tone for how you expect others to act when they come to your own soiree. One of the best ways to show your appreciation for the invite is giving a good hostess or birthday gift. I like my gifts to be a statement about the other person, a statement about me, and a statement about my relationship with the person I’m giving the present to. Sometimes I get inspired for gifts by the person, the party, or an item. The one for Elizabeth I based on her and the one for Anne I based off of a fun mirror I found at Claire’s.


I started off coming across this mirror in Claire’s the morning of the party and finally figured out the inspiration for Anne’s gift…Snow White! Anne is very quiet, reserved, and she has dark hair so she has always reminded me of snow white since I met her. Even though she was turning 17 girls are never too old to feel like princesses.

After I had my theme I had a better idea of what I wanted to get. I kind of wanted it to stay childish so while browsing through Hobby Lobby I found the perfect puzzle to go with the mirror


And a girly fairytale-esque bag to put the princess gift in!


Now as I mentioned I was putting this together the morning of the party so I was a little rushed. If I had more time I probably would have thrown in a cute girly tiara or maybe some sort of apple candy to tie it all together, but it ended up still being a great gift for Anne.


The gift for Elizabeth was a little easier. She’s definitely a child at heart and she’s always the one to bring baked goodies to school or to parties. I based her gift off of these two qualities.

First, I grabbed an inexpensive basket. Some baskets can be pricey so choose carefully if you go this route. I really like using them because I think it can display the gift rather nicely and be useful to the receiver of the gift afterwards. I’m always on the look out for ones that are less expensive than they are normally.


This one was only $4 from Walmart! : )




I saw crayon rings while I was in the bookstore getting something for myself (a John Green book, of course!) and knew that those would be perfect for Emily. After that I grabbed a cute princess coloring book and some glittter glue that was on sale at Walmart. So the child part of the gift was finished. The only thing left was her love of baking. For that I bought a mason jar and then used my recipe for Triple Chocolate Cookies to make “cookies in a jar.”



The finished product for Elizabeth!


Happy Birthday to two sweet girls!


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